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Coffee is now FREE at Hazels!

Yom Kippur Schedule - The TUESDAY afternoon games (Open and Side) will be starting at 12 noon on September 18th. The club will be OPEN as usual on Wednesday September 19th.

Wednesday Morning Fast Pairs - $10 and play free that afternoon. 24 boards in 2 hours 10-12

Thursday Morning Bagels and Bridge- Thursday morning is a duplicate game. A quiz at 9:00 a.m. and the game starts at 9:30. If you choose, you can put your name into a draw to play with Hazel and your partner will play with a house player. The cost is $10 and you can play that afternoon for half price. Bagels and cream cheese before the game.

Monday Night Game Play 20 boards, Cost $4 with Fred Wen.

Fall/Winter Team League Wednesday nights. Because of the Jewish holidays and the World Bridge Championships, we will not be able to start this year's team league until October 10. Now is the time to register a team. We are exploring the possibility of having a "B/C" division separate from the "A" league. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to enter a team in any division.

Fall/Winter Team League 2018 Information - Click for the Standings , First Half Standings, Butlers , Schedule

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Welcome to www.thecommongame.com

With The Common Game, we will be playing the same hands as many clubs in North America. You can then go to the site, get overall winners. Plus, you will find expert write ups on some hands


Monday Mornings Int/Adv Classes with Hazel:
9:30AM start. A different topic every month. Check the website for updates.

Tuesday Morning Supervised Duplicate:
30 minute lesson followed by random hands

Wednesday Morning with Harold:
9:30AM-11:30AM. The classes will focus on basic bidding and will include some useful conventions. Opening leads will also be discussed.A complete set of notes will be provided showing all hands, the bidding and lead with a detailed explanation of the bidding.

Please go to our lessons page for more information or email us at hazel.bridge@gmail.com.

To Register for any of these classes, please email hazel.bridge@gmail.com. For more information, please email us or call the club.


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